fill the world with green


Everyone related to Keis Co. feels excited.

Filling the whole world with green

I started my own company when I determined my purpose in life to be " I'll fill the world greenery".
When people often ask me "Why did you think that?"
I have many reasons but I don't know why myself.

I love that just being in the woods and mountains is unspeakbly comfortable.
The sentiment is probably one that everyone can rerated to. If the world was lush greenery, it would be also more confortable for many animals.

My determination to change the world to lush greenery is starting point of Kei's.

Making landscapes which give people comfortable and relaxing space

What's your impression of greenery in Osaka ? Perhaps you have a negative impression like "There're not much greenery" or "They’re not lively". Some of you might think "I never really thought about the greenery."
Then why greenery in the cities look like unlively?
On the other hand, Why are vibrant greenery in the mountains?

The answer is the differense in the power of soil.
Ecosystems are wonderful mechanisms that 4.6 billion years of history since the birth of the earth has produced.
We will plant trees and increase greenery based on the cycle of ecosystem. And we want to contribute to the town development where people can feel comfortable like being in the woods and mountains.

It's our aiming way.

Energizing the world's greenery as well

Moreover, We also want to energize the world's greenery.

We have started putting effort into tree-planting project in Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia and China. To be specific, we organized the tour and recruited Japanese participants for our project.
The contents of the tour experiencing lifestyle of locals through a homestay and planting trees for their village.

We wanna have a wider circle of international exchange and greenery worldwide through planting trees.

To be exciting for everyone involved.

When I was 20 years old, I had a pessimistic impression about company employees in their 40s like they would drink after work and complain about the company, or riding a crowded train with wrinkled brows on the way to work.

So I had thought, "I don't want to get old" and "I don't want to go out into the society".

But now that I have reached their age, I realized that it was quite different from the impression I once had.

I'm free from all sorts of restrictions. I became able to do many things and go to anywhere. I could meet many people and now I can do big things.

So I feel more fun and excite everyday than I was 20.

In order to keep exciting days, I'd like to raise my sensitivity of awareness more than ever and I wanna execute without fear if I decide "This is it!".

I want to make this company an exciting place for everyone involved with Kei's Inc.

Susumu Kawachi