fill the world with green


Everyone related to Keis Co. feels excited.

Filling the whole world with green

I started this company when I determined my lifetime purpose to be " fill the world with green".
People often ask me the reason of my purpose, but I can't answer instantly because there are many reasons.

I simply love being in the woods and it feels so comfortable.
I think everybody has had the same feeling when they were in the woods. If the world is full of green, it would be comfortable for animals too.

I want to make the world like this. That's why I started Kei's.

Making landscapes which give people comfortable and relaxing space

What kind of image do you have toward " green in Osaka"? You might have negative image like " too little" or "unhealthy". Some might even imagine no green in Osaka.
Then why green in the cities look unhealthy? Why green in the forests or mountains look vivid?

The answer is the differense in the power of soil. 4.6 billion years passed since the birth of the earth. The food chain is an incredibly amazing system created by 4.6 billion years.
We plant trees and increase green following this system. We want to make landscape just like you can feel comfortable in the woods.
This is our direction.

Overseas greening buisiness

we also do greening business in foreign countries.

We are doing tree planting activity in Thailand, Vietnam and China. We hold tree planting tour with Japanese participants. In our tour, we stay at the local people's houses and experience their farm life. And we plant trees which give locel people benefit.

Through the tree planting activity, we have a bond with local people. We hope our activity will help spread green all over the world.

Everybody related to us feels exicited.

When I was 20 years old, I had a negative image toward salary-man in their 40s, such as complaining about their company with the collegues in the bar or riding on a train with extremely tired faces.

So I didn’t wanna age and go to work.

But now I have totally different life than those salary men I used to see had.

I have less and less ristrictions. I can go anywhere. I meet more people. I can do bigger things. My life right now is more fun than it was when I was 20years old

In order to keep this exciting life, I will be more sensitive about new information and take action as soon as possible when I feel "this is it!".

Everybody related to Kei's can be excited.
I want to make this company like this.

Susumu Kawachi