Tree planting business

80 people operate at about 30 fields everyday, therefore we can cope with sudden works. We can carry out vairious kinds of works because we have many qualified employees.

List of operations

  • high tree pruning
  • high tree pruning
  • weeding
  • tree planting
  • sodding
  • hedge trimming
  • chemical spraying
  • watering
  • tree felling
  • transplanting

Eco project

01 Wish

Kei's Co. is engaged overseas tree planting business under our slogan "Fill the world with green".

Our goal is to carry out tree planting activities in 205 countries 100 years later in the future by using techniques and methods of landscape gardening.

02 Background

From 2005, we have planted trees diligently in China, Thailand and Vietnam.

However we had to learn that only planting trees didn’t help spread green.There were some reasons of the failure of our tree planting. Sometimes the local people burnt the planted trees when hunting and they didn’t maintain the planted trees at all.

03 Future

We failed in tree planting because we didn’t consider the local people's lives.

So we started inventing the method for achieving both greening and local people's profit at the same time. Our plan is to combine fruit tree planting with beekeeping and organic agriculture. Fruit trees provide nectar for bees. Bees provide honey. Organic agriculture doesn't harm bees. The local people can get profit from fruit, honey and organic vegetables by selling them.

We want to spread green and make green healthier all over the world and we want to make local villagers healthy as well.


Wild plants don’t get sick and infested. Because wild plants are healthy.

There are several conditions when plants grow healthy.

Not only light and water are essential but also healthy soil is very important.
Healthy soil means there are lots of micro organism inside it.

If we can increase micro organism in our customer garden's soil, garden trees will be healthy for sure. When we prune or trim trees, we consider tree health such as ventilation and sun exposure when we prune trees .

We hope the world will be filled with green. First we will make trees in Osaka healthy and beautiful.

Business content

tree pruning

tree felling