What is a company for?

A company should make its employees(and their families) happy and contribute to the society.
I don’t think a company should just pursue profit.
The reasons of making profit are for continuing a company and investment cost and providing a standard which measures the effectivness of a buisiness.

We want to balance investment with a safeguard and work hard to contribute to the society.

For landscape gardening buisiness

We don’t only plant or prune trees but also do operation under deep understanding of tree characeristics. Operating with knowledge about trees, we can make trees healthier and we believe it will spread beautiful green all over the cities.

We want to make Japanese cities full of green. In order to achive this goal,we will start spreading green from Osaka.

For tree planting

In order to widespread tree planting all over the world, we shouldn’t only plant trees.
We also need local people's cooperation. So we share everyday life with local people and understand the local situation by hearing various things from local people.

After we understand the local situation, we choose environmentally friendly trees to plant which don't disturb ecosystem and bring local people profit. We belive this acivity helps tree planting spread.

For the future chidren, we make a lot of efforts to regain the original beautiful environment of the earth.

For employees

Our top priority is providing peace of minds in lives of employees (including their families).
We aim to provide the comfortable workplace for all the employees.
If an amployee wants to achieve something, we help him/her with the maximum support.
We hope the employees to understand what they work for.

For our customers

The employees and their families' livings are supported by our customers.We understand and appriciate that.

When we opperate, We always behave with the intent of taking the customer's point of view, so that we can provide high quality service that satisfies customers.